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Update Group | A multidisciplinary building services contractor | Ireland, UK and the Caribbean
Update Group | A multidisciplinary building services contractor | Ireland, UK and the Caribbean


Project Advisory

The best time to start thinking about the building services requirements of your project, is at the same time as your outline brief is being developed. The MEP scope is usually the largest package after construction, up to 25% of total cost on some projects, so getting this right from the outset should be near the top of your list of critical factors.

Speaking to us at this early stage means we can provide a Strategic Analysis of your initial brief and budget estimate, and advise on potential related risks across the entire plan of work.

Get in touch for a chat. We would really like to hear from you.


Project Initiation

Once appointed, we will work closely with the construction consultants and MEP design team to define the Project Brief. This will involve an in-depth study of the client objectives and planned demands on the building services.
Our input on the Project Brief will include:

  • Site Evaluation
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Design Drawings & Specification
  • Order of Magnitude Costs
  • Procurement Plan
  • Sustainability
  • Innovative Technologies
  • Project Programme
  • Buildability
  • Project Execution Plan


Concept & Budget Evaluation

Where design responsibility needs to be maintained, we actively participate in workshops and provide input in areas such as technical, sustainability, cost and buildability.

From our extensive experience we have a significant amount of cost data across a wide range of sectors and geographic locations.

Combine this with our resources, knowledge and insights and we can provide a detailed evaluation from an engineering perspective and complete a detailed measurement and cost for the project.

This allows us to prove value for money at an early stage which we can guarantee forms the key to the development of the MEP cost.


Design & Cost Finalisation

Having established a target cost, the path becomes clearer.

If the system performance and design intent has been sufficiently identified, we have the experience and skillset to take ownership of the design and carry it through to the construction and implementation.

It is important to stress that during this phase cost models are continuously updated to reflect the status of the design. Without these updates it is difficult to gauge on whether value for money is being achieved.

The benefits from our early engagement flows through the design development stages, and as we build a knowledge of the project requirements we will guarantee the cost of the MEP works from Stage 4 onwards.


Procurement & Coordination

As soon as the design & cost review process is completed our construction team issue a project schedule or programme. Critical path factors and procurement requirements are identified.

Our supply chain procurement schedules will issue simultaneously when final scope is clarified.


Project Delivery

At this stage our construction delivery team are fully in place and engaged, working alongside our pre-construction team. This allows us to hit the ground running and ensure meaningful coordination of the MEP works with ongoing QA/QC reviews, all while maintaining the maximum efficiencies of the construction programme.

We issue regular project reports advising on procurement, supply chain performance, design status, financial and critical factors to ensure all stakeholders stay informed.


Commissioning & Validation

Always with one eye on the commissioning requirements we will develop a Commissioning Plan from the beginning. This plan starts with the preparation of commissioning scripts per system so we can get the agreed buy in from all project stakeholders.

This follows through with detailed system commissioning work plans. We also set out the validation and handover processes so everyone knows what to expect.


Post-occupancy Support

Following handover, our contract is still active for a further 12 months. To ensure the building is used, operated and maintained efficiently, during this time we:

  • Undertake reviews of Building Services Performance
  • Undertake seasonal Commissioning
  • Rectify defects
  • Undertake Post Occupancy Evaluation of building performance in use
  • Verify Project Outcomes including Sustainability Outcomes

Our goal is for everyone to get home safely after each work day.

Health & Safety

We are committed to providing a workplace that is free from risk to employee health and safety. Our approach to safety centres on education, training, instilling and reinforcing safe behaviours throughout our business, from owners to design teams and our supply chain.

We provide the systems and support for management to make informed decisions through detailed root cause analysis and pre-task planning. The output is a robust, value-based safety programme that looks upstream at leading indicators to produce exceptional downstream results.

Safety audits are conducted on a regular basis. We embrace all findings for a fresh view of our safety protocols.

Our Commitment
  • is to the health and wellbeing of all employees and our supply chain.
  • is to uphold health and safety regulations, legislation and international best practice.
  • is to provide training for safe work practices for all employees and our supply chain.
  • is to encourage mutual respect, consideration and open communication to all members of the team.
Update Group | A multidisciplinary building services contractor | Ireland, UK and the Caribbean
Update Group | A multidisciplinary building services contractor | Ireland, UK and the Caribbean
Supply Chain

As an international contractor with a track record across three continents it’s a priority for us to work closely with local companies and vendors. Following this ‘first port of call’ policy offers a multitude of benefits, with cost savings and reduced timelines being at the top of the list.

We understand and are proud of supporting local economies through engagement with local businesses. The valuable experience gained, in the delivery of large scale complex developments, by our network of trusted supply chain partners ensures meaningful legacy to our projects.

Working alongside local contractors also means reduced risk and less transportation of people and materials is required, resulting in a more sustainable project and a lower carbon footprint.

If you are interested in partnering with Update Group and can add value to the projects we work on, we would like to hear from you.

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Update Group | A multidisciplinary building services contractor | Ireland, UK and the Caribbean
Update Group | A multidisciplinary building services contractor | Ireland, UK and the Caribbean
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